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A new online presence for one of the UK's largest waste management corporations, Augean PLC..

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Having formed in 2004, Augean is now a sector leader in the modernising of hazardous waste management.

Augean came to Wish to develop a new online presence whilst showcasing their new range of products and services. Working across online and offline mediums we were able to develop a full marketing campaign, highlighting the innovation of the organiastion.

Website Design for a Leading Corporation

Augean PLC are leading the way in the highly competitive waste management industry. With a strong focus on new technologies and developing next generation cleaning, recycling and recovery capabilities. Wish worked with Augean to design a contemporary website which not only enforced this modern approach but lead the visitor through an easy to use, efficient website.

Being in such a fast moving industry, Augean wanted a website on a platform they could easily manage and update themselves.

We put in place a content management system that not only looked the part, offering an intuitive interface, but also works in just the way Augean wanted. Updates to text and images take minutes, and with the ability to add new pages and re-organise the layouts, the client has all the tools they need.

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