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Twitter celebrates 10 years

Sara | Friday 23rd March, 2018

Ten years ago this week, a brand new way to communicate was launched by podcasting company Odeo. American programmer Jack Dorsey published his first Twitter message at 12.50 PM on March 21 2006 and the world has not looked back since.

A constant, beating global heartbeat that reflects news, views, emotions, reflections and keeps the world in touch. Twitter now has 332 million active followers (January 2016) and Twitter sent out a heartfelt thanks to them all –

To celebrate and seeing as we’re one of Yorkshire’s own digital marketing agencies, here are some tweets that remind us just how great our county is.

Seemingly, the official rule of the Tour de Yorkshire is that any Yorkshire-born riders have to wear a flat cap under their helmets. Last year Rider Russell Downing struggled with this.

Twitter Comment

It wouldn’t be Yorkshire without Yorkshire Tea, nothing misses the communications team in Harrogate, who are quick as lightening with their tweets:

Yorkshire Tea Twitter

Welcoming all visitors, all the time, well almost all…

Twitter Comments

Never shy when it comes to singing our own praises –

Twitter Birthday

And no cyclist should be without this delight from Yorkshire Knits:

Twitter Cycling

Who could resist capturing the newly spruced Flying Scotsman on its way back home:

Flying Scotmans Twitter

And just to remind us how beautiful our county is:

Yorkshire Twitter

Thanks to Jack Dorsey and his team we can all enjoy a little extra in our daily lives courtesy of Twitter and its many enthusiastic followers. Here’s to the next 10 years.

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