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5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Social Media

Chris | Sunday 17th September, 2017

Do you want to begin using social media, or feel social media is not paying off? Then here are 5 mistakes you should avoid.

Lack of Confidence

This is probably the number 1 reason that many don’t either start social media, or it becomes stale. Often it is a fear of failing. But have confidence as you can run your own social media successfully, just do your research and have a look at what your competitors are doing.

Lack of patience

A common mistake made by many is the failure to realise that immediate results won’t happen. Quite often viral videos or posts shared by major brands create the illusion that social success happens instantly. If your company doesn’t have the same revenue and ad budget as the big brands then don’t expect the same results. Be patient and your work will pay off.

Lack of taking it serious

Often social media is given to an intern or someone in IT just because they know computers. Well think about it this way would you trust anyone to do your plumbing just because they can hold a screwdriver…probably not. So makesure you get the right person for the job and treat it just as importantly as any other part of the business.

Lack of budget

Long gone are the times that Social Media is free. Today, that is not the case. It may be free to create an account and post, but if you want to use social media to grow your business and drive sales, you’re going to need a strategy and a social budget to advertise your business. Start small at first and see how your business grows.

Lack of Consistency

It is worse to have social media and not be active than it is to not have social media at all. This is because an inactive account gives off a sense of a lack of care and unprofessionalism. With social media, your followers notice when you’ve gone dormant and many times assume your business has closed. Ideally you should be posting content every day and keep your posts relevant. 

If you have any social media tips then please comment below and if you need any further tips from Wish then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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