Our Social Media Campaigns Focus On Audience Engagement, Credibility And Brand Identity

Influencer Outreach

We develop relationships with those who have influence in the social media environments. Who these ‘influencers’ are depends very much on our client, their target market and what the messages are that they wish to communicate. We draw on our extensive networks and we find the right people, at the right time.

Content Marketing

Any good social strategy is intertwined with a good content marketing campaign. You need something to talk about before you can go shouting from the rooftops. Sharing other content and ‘getting involved’ with your social audience is all important but it’s content that remains king; We help clients produce great content that is shareable, regularly, which garners social media success.
Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Whether it’s building your audience, creating a consistently updated channel, spreading news, PR or content – or all of the above, Wish Digital can help you exploit what is a truly remarkable and powerful platform for businesses. Many just simply don’t know how to use Twitter effectively, what it is that it can bring to a business and this is where Wish help our clients to gain tangible returns from time invested in Twitter marketing.

LinkedIn Marketing

A company presence on LinkedIn is one thing, it’s what you do with it that counts. Whether it’s general awareness, customer aquisition or recruitment we can prepare and manage a successful campaign to drive results in the right areas. Again time is a factor and the work is often content based – opinion and sector related content that is shareable.

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Facebook Marketing

Most people are on Facebook to relax, the last thing they want to see is an advert trying to sell them something. That said, Facebook make their billions from advertising fees, so how does this work? The answer is subtlety, no ‘in your face’ advertising, it’s about building a following and using the platform to share content and, when it works, offers within a vast database of users. Advertising is the norm but it’s the messages and expected results that tend to differ from search PPC. What Facebook does enable, through it’s own ‘big data’ is very targeted advertising to ensnare your audience when they perhaps don’t even realise they’re being ensnared! Our expert team can develop smart Facebook campaigns to achieve on your objectives.


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